Synthetic Sports Surfaces

Most sports are now played on synthetic or artificial sports surfaces at both competitive and recreational levels. 3G rubber-filled sports pitches have transformed the availability, durability, and accessibility of football and rugby facilities for school and community user groups across the country.

Hockey, netball, basketball, and athletics are almost exclusively played on synthetic surfaces at a competitive level, and other sports such as tennis, volleyball, cricket, and badminton have also benefitted from the development in sports surface technology.

Two full-size 3G fotball pitches, eight tarmac tennis and netball courts, a polymeric sprint straight, a MUGA, and a natural grass football pitch at the Wright Robinson Sports College in Manchester

What Blakedown offer...

Blakedown Sport & Play is one of the most well-known names in synthetic sports surface construction. We offer the complete, in-house, design and build service for any type of synthetic sports surface or natural grass facility.

From the ground up, we take care of the earthworks, base construction, drainage system, installation of the playing surface, ancillary works such as fencing and floodlighting, as well as landscaping, spectator facilities, player changing facilities and maintenance.

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