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Blakedown is a civil engineering company specialising in synthetic sports surfaces and athletics track construction. Operating for more than fifty years, we have worked with universities, colleges, schools, and local authorities to produce athletics facilities of the highest quality, and we have worked on many prestigious projects such as the Manchester Commonwealth Games, Sport England's Inspired Facilities framework, and the Queen Elizabeth stadium in north London.

We offer an in-house Design and Build service for facility construction and all of our tracks are built to IAAF performance standards.


Running tracks

The base construction of an athletics track comprises prepared soil formation with textile membrane, a sub-base of stone, a porous macadam layer for stability, and a shockpad for impact absorption. The playing surface that is laid on top can be one of a number of systems each tailored to meet various performance standards, budgets, and life-cycle projections.

Performance standards are set internationally by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and by UK Athletics on a national and regional basis.



Choice of Athletics Track

The technology of athletics track surfacing has been developing for more than fifty years leading to a great variety of products and systems available to facilities planners. The three most common track systems are PorousSandwich, and Solid.

Porous Tracks

The porous system comprises a 10mm in-situ rubber-granulate base construction with 2-3mm polyurethane top-coat which forms the playing surface. It is an IAAF approved system, but for international and top-level athletics competition should only be used as a training track. A porous track is suitable for athletics clubs, colleges and schools to provide a robust and stable surface for athletics.

Sandwich Tracks

The sandwich track system also comprises a 10mm in-situ rubber base, but with an EPDM rubber-granulate cast installed before the polyurethane top-coat. This system offers improved shock-absorption performance to the porous system and superior life-cycle economies: the EPDM wearing-cast not only lasts longer than a porous system but can also be retextured more times before replacement.

Solid Tracks

The solid track system is the premier product for competitive athletics and is made of specially formulated EPDM rubber-granulate with a double poly-urethane top-coat. This system is used for international athletics and meets the highest standards of IAAF approval rating.


The system chosen for athletics at the Olympic Games is a Mondotrack by Italian manufacturer Mondo. This system is a pre-fabricated product of vulcanised rubber and latex and offers leading performance characteristics for competition at the very highest level.

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