New floodlit tennis courts with pavilion

Client: Waverley Borough Council

Contract Type: JCT Design & Build

Contract Value: £1.5m

Build Time: 18 months

Location: Farnham Riverside GU9 7UE

This was a challenging project and from the outset the site was a demanding one:

  • Overgrown marshland - At certain times of the year access was impossible.

  • River flood plain – twice during the contract, works had to be suspended due to flooding.

  • Old gas works, old foundations and buried waste were issues.

  • HV overhead cables the length of the site needed to be lowered.

  • Contaminated land - A remediation strategy was implemented with an appointed consultant.

  • Outfall area for illegal surrounding drainage - A number of illegal drains discharged into the site which had to be dealt with.

Our brief was to reclaim the site, and identify areas of contamination including tar and cyanide from the old gas works.

We constructed a new pavilion building and five acrylic coated tennis courts, including floodlighting. In addition, Blakedown also:

  • Organised the lowering and re-routing of the HV overhead power cables – this took 18 months.

  • Designed and installed a new drainage scheme that did not affect the site's use as a flood water storage area – a design which had to meet Environment Agency criteria.

  • Site clearance, earthworks, form containment cells for the contamination, re-route footpaths and construct carpark areas and access ways.

  • Arrange new power and water for the tennis club.

  • On completion of the above, Blakedown then ensured the site was set in a suitable landscaped setting.

The outcome of the project saw a contaminated, marshy waste land, previously an eyesore and dumping ground, transformed into a local asset. All in a landscaped setting with five new coloured, floodlit tennis courts and pavilion, a footpath along the river with new seating and additional eco-friendly car parking for the town. Plus a photo-voltaic system contributed toward the new lighting system.