Sand-dressed 'SuperSoft' MUGA

Client: John Spendluffe Technology College

Contract Type: JCT Minor Works Building Contract

Contract Value: £132,000

Build Time: 8 weeks

Following careful discussion between the college and Blakedown in which CAD drawings were provided to illustrate specified requirements, Blakedown were awarded the contract to construct a high quality multi-use games area, with fencing and floodlighting, to cater for tennis, netball, basketball, 5-a-side and 7-a-side football, mini-hockey, and general break-time play.

The selected surface was Edel’s SuperSoft sand-dressed sports turf – a very durable product with a 10mm pile which allows good ball bounce for tennis and netball, a slick surface for hockey, and the all-round play characteristics required by the other sports.

The fencing system was 3m high twinbar with recessed football combi-goals forming part of the actual fencing structure. The MUGA was also fitted with divider nets so that different sports can be sectioned off during play.

I would like to praise Blakedown for the professional standards and hard working attitude that has been shown towards the project throughout. The teams have been both helpful and thorough in making sure that the project has met our demanding specifications; indeed they have gone out of their way to deliver a first rate final product.No stone has been left unturned to deliver the astroturf we needed. The team have been personable, approachable, and developed a rapport with staff on site; this led to a very positive working relationship.

- Assistant Head, Robert Thornally