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As one of the UK's largest and longest established sports surface contractors, Blakedown have constructed every possible type of MUGA and sports surface. Our clients are provided with a dedicated project team throughout every job, and a level of expertise ready to meet any requirement.

We offer a complete in-house design and build service for MUGA construction, from concept to completion, and our services include earthworks, excavation, geotechnics, drainage system and shockpad installation; installation of any choice of synthetic surface, fencing, floodlighting, and landscaping.

Multi Use Games Areas

The term MUGA can refer to virtually any sport or games surface from a single court or play area to a full size synthetic sports pitch. Generally speaking, the term is used to describe courts or pitches where the surface can adequately cater for a variety of sports and activities, rather than being a specialised surface designed to maximise the play characteristics of a single sport.

It is also usually used to describe synthetic surfaces with a high durability factor, so that the pitch or court could be used intensively and cater for various sports played simultaneously.


Choice of MUGA surface

3G Artificial Turf

Games areas with a 3G artificial turf playing surface are best suited to 5-a-side and 7-a-side football. Longer pile heights are also suitable for rugby training, shorter pile heights are suitable for hockey, and 3G is also good for volleyball.


Sand-dressed systems differ from traditional ‘astroturf’ surfaces because they require much less sand – play takes place on the actual artificial turf, the sand layer simply offers support. Sand-dressed systems have superior play characteristics and ball bounce for sports like tennis and netball, and are also suitable for football and ideal for hockey.


Sand-filled (astroturf) systems are very durable and suitable for a variety of sports at recreational level including hockey and football, tennis and cricket and athletics.


Tarmac is a robust and economical sports surface that requires little maintenance compared to grass or other synthetic surfaces. A tarmac games area (sometimes referred to as a Type 2 MUGA) is ideal for tennis and netball, basketball and mini-football.


A tarmac surface can be sprayed with an acrylic coat (sometimes referred to as a Type 1 MUGA) which increases the grip of the surface and protects the upper-layer of the tarmac. An acrylic MUGA is ideal for netball, basketball, tennis, football and volleyball.


A polymeric MUGA is suitable for netball, basketball, and tennis, football and hockey, athletics and sprint training, badminton, volleyball, and as a general recreation area. The surface is available in a variety of colours, lines for any sport can be painted on, and the surface offers natural shock absorption.

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A Type 1 MUGA refers to an open textured macadam sports surface with an acrylic top-coat. The acrylic coat is an anti-slip performance layer that protects the upper layer (wearing course) of the macadam from erosion. This type of MUGA is designed for tennis and/or basketball as the primary sport but is also suitable for netball, mini-football, and badminton.


A Type 4 MUGA refers to a polymeric surface designed for football or mini-football. This surface is an alternative to 3G artificial turf in cases where additional sports must be incorporated, such as netball, tennis, or basketball.


A Type 2 MUGA refers to an open textured macadam sport surface where the tarmac alone serves as the playing surface. This type of MUGA is designed for netball as the primary sport but is also suitable for basketball, tennis, mini-football, and badminton.


TYPE 5a & 5b MUGA

Types 5a and 5b MUGA refer to sand-filled and sand-dressed surfaces respectively. A sand-filled system is the traditional ‘astroturf’ surface; sand-dressed is a denser turf, requiring less sand, and offering better ball bounce. Type 5 MUGA's are suitable for hockey, tennis, football, basketball, netball, badminton, and as recreation areas.


A Type 3 MUGA refers to a polymeric surface where the primary sport is netball. Sports lines for the primary designated sport are usually laid out in white or yellow, with other colours used for additional sports. A Type 3 games area can also accommodate basketball, tennis, mini-football, badminton and, as a compromise option, recreational or practice hockey.