Sand-dressed water-based Pitch

Client: Taverham Recreation Facilities

Contract Type: JCT CD Minor Works

Contract Value: £440,000

Build Time: 16 weeks

Location: Beech Avenue, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 6HP

Blakedown Sport & Play have completed a brand new full-size hockey pitch and BMX Track for Taverham Recreation Facilities. The pitch is built on an Engineered base of porous tarmac with a 15mm in-situ shockpad underneath the latest H2O carpet from Edel.

This cost effective and environmentally-friendly installation gives the playing characteristics and performance of a water-based system without the need for spraying and irrigating water every time the pitch is used.

Galvanised Weldmesh fencing with kickboards was installed around the pitch and Blakedown also erected an eight-column scheme of 15m high floodlights.

This high class facility will also be used by Taverham High School and Norwich City Hockey Club. To complete the project, a BMX track was built adjacent to the pitch using tarmac and gravel, earth mounds, and surrounding fencing. Blakedown also carried out associated hard and soft landscaping to the whole area.