Sourcing funding for your project

Multiple sources of funding are available for ‘grassroots’ facilities including sports pitch construction or redevelopment, new changing facilities and pavilions, and new fencing and floodlighting. Many of the available grants will often be awarded as a percentage of the total build cost, with the remainder being raised by the club, college or association seeking the funding.

Blakedown Sport & Play can provide assistance with sports facility design and budgeting for a range of surfaces and sports provision. Please contact us for information about our construction services and funding for your sports facility.

Sport England is a consultee for any new sports surface or playing field construction in England. Every sport is allocated its own specific funding stream, and funds are administered either by Sport England itself or by each sport's own governing body or association. These governing bodies will also allocate their own funding streams independently.

The Football Foundation, RFU, LTA, England Hockey, and England Netball are examples of governing bodies that can be sources of funding for clubs, community groups, colleges and schools. Local authorities are also a source of funding, and will also often allocate partial funding in combination with other sources for many types of proposed facility.


Factors to Consider

Knowing what funding is available

From small grants for sports equipment to investment in multi-million pound facilities, there are many different sources of funding that can be applied for and allocated.

Selecting a funding stream

Sport England allocate funds through funding streams: some are solicited to achieve specific objectives, others are open and cater for investments considered on a general, applicant-lead basis.

Budgeting and forecasting

We can provide budget prices for a range of sports surface constructions and advise on conceptualisation and planning. We offer a turnkey design and build service for all sports surfaces and we can help to ensure that the finalised proposal exactly fits the conditions for funding.

Applying for funding

We can advise on submitting an application for funding to Sport England, and provide information on the funding process.